Wolfram wins the Sigma Sport Bike Marathon with more than 13 minutes lead.

“My plan was to establish a new course record and I fought for every second to achieve that.  13 minutes really is a lot, because once a certain cushion is built up, it is tempting to ease off.”  This was the official Wolfram version of his ride.  The Marathon took place in his home town of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, in Germany.  The start wasn’t ideal though.  Just a couple of km in, he found himself having to hunt down the lead group following a problem with his rear wheel.  Once this was done, he quickly opened his lead.

On a course that Kurschat would describe as ‘perfect’, the German XC National Champion found himself riding technical passages that he rides in training.  He knew the passing places and the lines to get the quickest times.

He set the previous course record three years ago, and it was this that he was looking to smash.  At the end of the race, he found himself with 13 minutes to contemplate what he had achieved before 2nd placed Thorsten Marx (DS-Rennsport) arrived.  “I knew that I had been going quickly, but the gap shocked even me – and I punctured at the start of the race.  It is a home crowd, so it is extra special and motivating,” Wolfram said of the day.

The win shows that Kurschat isn’t just a man for Cross Country but that endurance events are something that he can tackle too.  For this reason he will line up to start next to Team Mate Alban Lakata at the forthcoming Marathon World Championship in Austria.



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