World Cup in Bromont Canada

Riding in really poor conditions, Irina took her second World Cup second place in as many weeks. For Wolfram Kurschat and Robert Mennen the event turned into a test of wills, as the course became a bout of hike-a-bike.


The second place two weeks ago left Irina feeling confident to the race this last Saturday. Taking place in Bromont in the Quebec region of Canada, the race got off to a good start for the Russian National Champion, as she pulled to the front of the pack. After lap one, this had become third place, but things were looking good. Two laps later she was leading the race, and had left the winner of the race two weeks back Catherine Prendral (Luna Chix) behind her. If ever there was a need to confirm your form then this was it. It was only Lene Byberg (Team Specialized) who was putting the on the pressure now, and with a one lap to go she overtook Irina to take the win. The conditions were clearly favoring the tire choice that Byberg had made. Finishing the race in second, a disappointed Kalentieva said “I am happy with second, but it was a shame that first wasn’t in me today. The extreme rain just meant that my tire choice became a hinderance.”


Irina has now flown to Mammoth Lake, USA to prepare for the upcoming World Championships in Australia.

Robert’s unfortunate mud bath

The men’s field was faced with a continuous downpour for their race which turned it into a test of the equipment. Shifting was impossible, and many riders ended their race with a snapped chain. Robert however seemed to be having a good day. After the first lap he was in 31st and on course to his best World Cup result yet. The conditions had other ideas and threw a spanner into the works. With three mechanicals he slipped down to 64th place. “Everyone was struggling with mechanicals out there today. It got me three times, and of course it is annoying. I had to run for the last half of the lap. I am disappointed, as I was going so well.” Robert summarized of his race.


For Wolfram it was a similar story. He had a poor start, and then with ankle deep mud and lots of spray he had to ride without glasses, as they became impossible to use after just a few meters. As a contact lens wearer, riding in such conditions is near on impossible. Too much mud and dirt in his eyes meant that after an hour he decided that enough was enough and pulled out. It was simply too dangerous to continue.



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