Stage 4:  Brixen to St. Christina

St. Christina / Italy:  Today’s stage from Brixen to St. Christina was the longest stage of the event, at 84km with 3600m of climbing.  The start was hectic with a number of crashes on a narrow downhill section, which was followed by a climb taking in 1200m of altitude.  In total there were four climbs with summits over the 1,000m above sea level mark today.  Combined with sunshine and temperatures of over 30 degrees, it was set to be a testing day for everyone.


Following the start, former US national XC Champion Wiens, and reigning Austrian National Marathon Champion Lakata found there rhythm and were riding well.  They were being careful not to overcook things though, Alban explains “The stages are so long and difficult in places, and there are more ahead of us.”  Having been in third place, they dropped back to fourth to let another team do the pulling.


The stage was a success for the Topeak Ergon team.  The fifth place on the day makes for a seventh place in the overall classification.  “We are getting better day by day, and we are learning what the strengths and the weaknesses are of the riders around us.”  Lakata summarised.

Tomorrow’s stage from St.Christina to Sarnthein is another chance to move up the rankings.


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