The marathon endurance race in Germany’s Albstadt was a chance for Alban Lakata to really show everyone the boss.

The location holds good memories for Lakata.  Last year, the Austrian took the European Marathon Championship there.  It meant that this year, he went into the race fancying his chances.  “I know the course that is awaiting me.  Even if they have varied it a bit from the Europeans last year, I know the ground and am looking forward to it, and the atmosphere,” he said, prior to the start.


During the race itself, it took only a few of the 86km for a large lead group to form.  Alban sat at the front determining the pace, and upping it as soon as his front wheel went faced the slightest incline.  The group became progressively smaller with each acceleration until only Hannes Genze (Multivan Merida Biking Team) remained.

The race continued until the 76th km, with the pair riding together.  With only 10km to go though, Lakata was able to shake off the promising challenge, with Genze unable to keep Lakata’s Rhythm.  After 2 hours 49:54, he crossed the line to take the victory with 1:42 minutes over Genze.  Third place was Chris Jongewaard (Trek Brentjens).


With the victory fresh in his mind, Lakata is setting out this coming weekend to begin the Trans Alp Challenge stage race.  It is another chance to show everyone what he is capable of.  “I am looking forward to it.  It will be a great race, and that Team Topeak Ergon USA’s Dave Wiens is joining me to make up the pairing is awesome.  I hope I can live up to his legend!”


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