Last week, Dave Wiens was in the Denver area.  Jeff Kerkove and Sonya Looney have been doing about some Ergon kliniks about mountain biking(thanks to everyone who has been coming, we enjoyed chatting with you!), mostly at REIs, but this time Dave was able to come lead the klinik, and Sonya Looney got the honor of doing introductions and being part of the crowd.

There was a good turnout with about 65 people filling the seats at the REI meeting center in Boulder, CO.  Probably the best thing about it was the eclectic mix of people who attended.  That’s the thing about Dave Wiens; he doesn’t just attract super fit endurance junkies, but people of all ages and all ability levels.  From the 75 year old man in the corner with his notebook to the wide-eyed 8 year old sitting in the front row, people were listening.


Dave opened with how he first got into mountain biking and went from there. People asked questions and Dave always had a great entertaining anecdotal response.


Dave’s wife, mountain bike Olympic bronze medalist and Olympic Hall of Famer, Susan DeMattei, watched with her great smile grinning ear to ear, and you could see her mentally recounting the stories he was telling.

Some people asked questions about Leadville, and how Dave felt at the prospect of Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, and Floyd Landis showing up. Of course, Dave smiled and noted how talented those guys are, and said he’d just ride his own race like he always does.

One person asked about his worst crash. Dave said it was in Japan, and he was riding down a rural dirt road by a farm. He was passing a parked truck when the door suddenly opened, pummeling him into a ditch. He still finished the race.

Even the children in the crowd were involved. The questions were, “Is it hard to ride up and down mountains?” and the second question was, “Are you going to ride the Tour De France?”

It was a great night hanging out with the man, Dave Wiens, for 2+ hours. He will be racing the Trans-Alp stage race starting July 18 with teammate and European Marathon Champion, Alban Lakata. Keep an eye on the results!


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