After a difficult week at the Trans-Germany Sally Bigham, the Great British Marathon Champion finds herself on the second step of the podium after a hard battle.


It didn’t always look so certain.  Despite holding second place in the overall classification throughout the stage race, a very heavy fall on Friday’s stage put everything in doubt.  After finishing the stage, it was off to hospital for treatment for a deep wound on the elbow. The question then was one of whether or not she would be able to hold the handlebars, and could manage the pain for the final day.

The morning of the final stage and the question was put to her.  In typical Sally fashion came the reply “After a week here in Germany, I am not giving up without a fight, even if my right arm is extremely painful”.

The conditions for the final day’s 79km course were less than ideal.  It had rained, and the climbs of the day were real mud baths.  Faced with this, and the pain in the arm, the Topeak Ergon Racer was pleased with her 5th place finish.  What was really important was defending her second place overall on the podium, and this she had done.


Following the prize giving, it was back to the UK for further consultation with the doctors about her arm.


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