We had a great turnout for das Goldschprintz on a Monday night at Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta, GA.  A bunch of shop folks from REI, Performance Bike, Outspokin Bicycles, AVX Bikes, and more were up for the free beer, food, and goldsprinting.


Also in for the party was Tyler from bikerumor.com, IMBA-SORBA, event announcer Bruce Dickman, and many other local mountain bikers and Atlanta bike commuters.  Congrats to Lam Huynh from REI for winning the overall in the goldsprints!  He walked away with a nice REI giftcard and a sweet set of Ergon GX2 grips.


Thanks to Ergon USA, REI, and Faster Mustache for donating the prizes and thanks to everyone that participated!





2 Responses to “DAS GOLDSCHPRINTZ”

  1. […] Ergon Blog has as great recap, so I’ll just fill in a few parts not noted over […]

  2. Just a note, Lam actually works for Performance Bikes.

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