Without a doubt, carbon fiber bars are the hot ticket when it comes to performance on and off the bike.  It looks awesome, and on the trail, it offers a dampening effect.  With the combo of Ergon grips and carbon bars, you have a super combo that offers comfort and control.

Picture 1

Over the past few months we have received many emails for Ergon customers stating that when our GX1, GX2, and GP1-SL grips are tightened to spec they will slip when installed on carbon bars.  After compiling all these emails we have come to the conclusion that this issue is common on all carbon bars with a glossy finish.  Brands we have run into this minor issue with include: FSA, Salsa, Ritchey, and Syntace.  It is not limited to these brands.  These are just some of the more popular bars.

There is a cure to this issue which will cost you the customer no money….only time.  Since the glossy finish is the issue, you need to rough up the area of the bar where the Ergon grip clamps onto the carbon bar.  Simply take a fine tooth sand paper and scuff up the glossy finish.  You only need to scuff the area where the clamp touches the bar.  See the image below.  The area in red is where you need to scuff the bar with the sand paper.


After scuffing up the bar, simply re-install the Ergon grips to proper spec.  In most…if not all cases….this has fixed the slipping issue.  One final option for those who do not want to scuff their carbon bar is to purchase a carbon bonding agent normally used for carbon seat post and alumn. frames.  This is a gummy substance that keeps carbon components from slipping under pressure and load.  See example.

If you have further questions, please email Jeff at jeffk at ergon dash bike dot com



  1. Andy Stachura Says:

    Tried this with my 2010 GX2 Carbons on my FSA carbon bars and they still slip with the bolts tightened to the point of almost breaking. Bad design, flawed design call it what you will, I can’t believe I paid $150 for these grips.

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