A second place finish at the Oetzler Cross Forest race marks  a change in Lakata’s from.

Alban Lakata has had to face some disappointment in the last few races.  Disappointment as his performance hasn’t been what he was expecting of himself.  His results have been getting better, and the form curve is taking a turn for the better, shown by his performance last weekend.

His training had seen him building up to the next level and last weekend everything clicked.  Finishing with a time of 1:57:08 for the course, his second place at the race in his native Austria was enough to remind everyone of just what a good rider he is.

“It was a demanding course, being really fit was a must.  Also, the number of rooty sections and rock gardens meant that it was technically challenging.  It gives me hope for my performance at World Championships and European Championships this year.”  Lakata shared with us following the race.

The winner, Ralph Naeph (Merida Multivan) was joined by Christof Bischof (ISD-Team) in third place to make up the podium with Lakata.

For Team Topeak Ergon all roads now lead to Madrid!  The World Cup circus is heading to drier climates.  Wolfram Kurschat, currently in second position in the overall classification will be joined by  and Alban to race on a course that is closer to a criterium loop than a typical MTB course.


Fingers are crossed, and following the successes of the last few weeks, the team spirit is good.



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