The bright green tent provided a bright backdrop against grey skies that drizzled on and off throughout the day.  Most group outdoor functions would be detered by such unpleasant weather, especially in California, where temperatures below 64 degrees are considered harsh and cold. But Not IMBA California’s Ales and Trails.  It was an event catering to a hardy bunch of mountain bikers and mountain bike advocates, and saw a group that had muddy smiles to go around for days.  Ergon was there to support the advocates efforts to open and build more trails throughout California, a state that is plauged by access issues for here ample trails.


Dave Weins and his wife Susan were on hand to lead both a ride and their expertise to the group assembled in the park.   After discussing techniques to avoid cramping (Dave W. told me that aside from proper nutrituion, to just ride through them…. I didn’t know that it was possible to mentally surmount the pain of your leg muscles folding in half after four hours of exertion upon a bicycle.  I suppose that’s why he’s a champ.) Dave and Susan took a group of cyclists out to get good and muddy on the Trails of China Camp.  Upon the return, the pig was roasted, chickens grilled, salads and pastas piled high, and the libations were flowing.  With the addition of food, beer, and a bit more drizzle, the Ergon tent became a popular and well attended place.



The rest of the afternoon saw a children’s race, continual romping and playing on a variety of skills structures set up in the grass for children, young and old to practice their balance and bicycle handling skills, more mud, more trail time, and finally the packing up of a damp, muddy, and wholly satisfied crew of mountain bike trail advocates.  Even with less than perfect conditions, this years Ales and Trails was a very successful fund raiser.  Numerous customers came by to provide Ergon grip testimonials, as well as thank Ergon for their continued support of trail advocacy efforts.

For as we all know…

More Advocacy = More Trails

More Trails = More Riders

More Riders = A Better, Healthier Bicycle Industry.

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