Awesome, simply awesome!!!!
Double podium for Team Topeak Ergon at Offenburg World Cup

Two fantastic results saw a great weekend for Team Topeak Ergon draw to a close.  A technically difficult and physically demanding 5.1km course with 192m of climbing, Germany’s Offenburg was perfect for the Green and Black team – the steep descents testing the skills of the riders.

A cautious Irina Kalentieva went into the women’s race looking to place highly.  The start was okay, and saw her pulling into 4th position.  The Russian saw her chance throughout the race to work her way to the front, however in the third lap, Kalentieva lost contact with the lead group, and the eventual winner Ren Chengyuan (Chinese National Team) was able to build on her lead.  This is the way it stayed, and Kalentieva’s fourth place finish was decided.


In the men’s race the result was headline worthy, even by the rider’s own admission.  Without having huge expectations about his performance, Wolfram Kurchat, the former German Champion, started the race.  He felt that it his form was good, and expected a top twenty finish.  The start was Kurschat typical, with a few places lost, as he settled into his rhythm.  The race is two hours, and Kurschat used his time effectively moving up from 26th position to 15th in three laps – but his push forward wasn’t over there.  By the end of the fifth lap he was in fourth position, but having a hard race against Peroud riding for Team Massa, who was in third.  He passed him, and finished in second place.  A career best.  “Peroud attacked many times, but I decided to simply continue at my pace, and the attacks didn’t have any effect”  Wolfram said, following the race.


Kurschat has made the best start to his World Cup campaign ever,   The South African race could have been luck, but the second race of the season affirms his form.  “It is brilliant, and amazing.  I am having problems believing it myself.  Outclassed only by Absalon!  What an honour!”

Other Team performances this weekend saw both Robert Mennen and Alban Lakata riding.  Lakata is having trouble adjusting to the pace of cross country, as the marathon champion from Austria admits.  Robert finished in 80th in the men’s pro race.  A strong performance for a young rider.

In England, Sally Bingham took on the Merida Marathon in North Wales.  She blew the competition away, winning having double lapped second place finisher.  Her performance would have seen her take second in the Elite men’s.  Her start to the season and new career, for a relatively new racer in her first year as a pro is astounding.  Perhaps World Cup’s are in her near future!



  1. Wow… congrats to one and all. Unfortunately, Offenbach is too far away to get to easily. Would love to have seen the Green and Black racing. Another time maybe.

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