We first saw the GP1 showing up on select Segway’s across the USA.  Now, the GC3 is a big hit among Segway users.






  1. Paul Rivers Says:

    Aaaaaaaaaarg – stop teasing me! Where can I buy the GC3’s right now?

  2. You can buy these grips and others through Triangle Segway in Raleigh, NC. 919-828-1988. Triangle Segway is an authorized retailer of Ergon products. We are also an authorized Segway dealer. We can ship to you too.

  3. (2007) Team edition Enduros on X2

  4. I have searched high and low for the GC3 grips. Who has them in stock?

  5. Tom, bike shops can now get the GC3 from their distributors. Or, you can try online. For example…..
    Stock changes daily, so please keep checking.

  6. Tom Strongman Says:

    Dear Ergon:

    Your grips are as scarce as plutonium. You are missing a lot of sales by not making them available more widely. I have tried six places, for the last two weeks, and no one has them in stock. Competitive Cyclist said they would be available June 16, then June 20, now June 21. What gives?

  7. Tom, we are making & distributing them as fast as we can. Demand is high…..and supply is attempting to keep up with it.

  8. I put the ergon hand grips and barends on my bike to look like this and posted them on my blog over 3 years ago. Funny how someone finally came up with the product that does it all. I even sent a picture to ERGON two years ago. Hmmm. All I can say is this format is the best for your hands.

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