Pua raced the Sage Brush Safari which is the 3rd stop in the West Cup. Her goal was to get back into her standard pre-race regiment to see if her legs would come back. They did!

At the start Natasha Hernday (Amgen) made an attack off the line but Pua quickly moved up front and the train of women racers let her pull them up the miles of initial rolling pavement climb to the back of the pro-male field. At that point the course gets steep, so Pua decided to put the hammer down, stand up and attack the climb.


After attacking and moving well into the pro male field she looked back and no female competitors were in sight. A few minutes later she reached the top of the first climb with a 60 second gap over Alison Mann (IE Bikes) in second followed by a tight chase group.

From that point on Pua was racing with the men. At the first feed less than 40 minutes later she had a 4 minute gap over second and headed up the final ascent to the top of Los Pinos, passing about 10 pro men on the way up.

Pua said it felt great for her her to feel the power back in her legs and she is really excited about the next stop in the Pro tour (Sea Otter Classic).

1, Pua Sawicki (Ellsworth) 1.57.11
2, Allison Mann (IE Bikes) 2.05.11
3, Amanda Carey (Kenda/Tomac) 2.06.37
4, Natasha Hernday (Amgen) 2.06.38
5, Kathy Sherwin (Kenda/Tomac) 2.07.49



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