This just in from Mike at the Lenovo Cycling Team….

The Lenovo cycling team has great news for the past three weeks of racing. We have now have 10 wins for the year. Not too bad for 3 weekends of racing. The good news is that Mike Hone, Wes Richards and Tony Ogden all took out the overall series for Mason Lake (a 3 races series). Wes Richards won all three of his races at Mason Lake and has now earned his upgrade to Cat 4. Mike Hone won his first road race since 2002 last week at Mason Lake. In the final race at Mason Lake on Saturday, Mike Hone placed 6th (4th in pack sprint) and Ian Tubbs placed 3rd (1st in pack sprint). Hone ended up with enough points to take the Cat 1/2 Series.

The Cat 1/2 team had won all the first three road races of the year and we finally were beaten this weekend which was a little disappointing. We wanted to keep the winning streak going. Yesterday, the team organized the Tour de Dung Series road race #2 in Sequim, WA. Thanks to all the partners who helped out with prizes for this event. We had a huge success with 370 racers turning up which was a record for this event. Hopefully next year we can get more showing up.

So all in all, our team is rolling really well this year. Seems like we are placing all across the boards. Please keep coming back to the team site if you want to keep up to daily race reports and results.


CAT 1/2
1st     Mike Hone /  Mason Lake Overall Series
1st     Mike Hone /  Mason Lake Road Race #2
1st     Shawn Ongers / Mason Lake Road Race #1
1st     Ian Tubbs / Tour de Dung Road Race #1

1st     Travis Venable / Tour de Dung Road Race #1

CAT 4/5
1st     Westley Richards / Mason Lake Overall Series
1st     Westley Richards / Mason Lake Road Race #1
1st     Westley Richards / Mason Lake Road Race #2
1st     Westley Richards / Mason Lake Road Race #3

1st     Tony Ogden / Mason Lake Overall Series




The Lenovo Cycling Team uses a variety of the Ergon-Bike and Ergon-Outdoor packs as gear bags to assist them with transporting gear to/from events while on/off the bike.

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