These photos just in from behind the scenes at the Ergon booth at the Taipei Intl Cycle Show…

The new GA1
The new GA1 grip…..coming in Mid-Spring 2009

New and improved GE1
The new and improved GE1. Now with a smaller end clamp.  Also coming in Mid-Spring 2009

New for 2009, the GX3 with a full size barend. Grip it! Rip it!  Coming in late May

Need more comfort and more hand positions? Look no further than the new GC3.  Coming in late May.

Handle bar reinforcement plugs
For those of you running carbon bars, you can now rejoice! This plug allows you to run our barend grips on your carbon bar of choice.  Should start seeing this guy in early Summer.

TP1 Cleat Tool
All the answers and assistance you need to set up your cleats properly.  Coming Summer of 2009.

Ergon booth
Dave and Irina are HUGE in Taiwan!

Ergon booth
A clean approach to getting hands on with all the Ergon goodies….The Wall of Ergon.

Ladies of the Taipei Show
The ladies of the Taipei Show.

President of Taiwan
President of Taiwan, in the gray suit, getting his trade show fix.

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