On no particular evening, you find yourself wandering into the book store by your house. Sure they have books, but you usually gravitate toward all the colorful magazines resting on the shelves. The glossy covers catch your attention and taunt you out of the corner of your eye.

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After thumbing through an Outside magazine, you come across a section that says, “The League of Extra-Ordinary Gentlemen” and see a familiar welcoming face of a man who is not only a mountain bike legend and great guy, but a man who says he is more passionate about trail advocacy than racing mountain bikes. Coming from Dave Wiens, who has been on numerous world cup podiums and who beat Lance Armstrong in the Leadville 100 last year, you know that must be a pretty strong passion.

View the article below:


Here is Dave’s take on the Outside article and challenges associated with being a trail builder. Click here

Dave is the man. He took the sport of mountain biking and giving back to the community to another level. He created a non-profit organization called Gunnison Trails whom have created trails that span 30+ miles in Gunnison, CO. He wasn’t alone in his passion for trail building. His core group of 25 volunteers and the man himself have personally cultivated the land to create a beautiful singletrack haven for everyone to enjoy. He and the non-profit organization are currently working to create 40 miles of singletrack from Gunnison to Crested Butte. Click here to get involved.

Gunnison Trails’ mission is not only to build sweet singletrack for us to shred with our favorite mountain bike, but to promote education. Education that involves protecting natural resources and wildlife, sustainability, community, and teach trail users how to treat the trails with respect.

However, Dave has not forgotten his racing roots and is also promoting a race on May 24, 2009 called the The Original Growler. All proceeds from The Original Growler go to Gunnison Trails to further the efforts for trails in the Gunnison area. The course consists of a 32-mile loop. The Original Growler is two laps for a grueling 64-mile race. There is also a 32 mile race option called The Half Growler. It’s a great opportunity to ride some of the trails that Dave and the Gunnison Trails volunteers have personally designed and cut. Will you be there? We sure will!! See you on the Gunnison Trails!


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