24 OP

This past weekend in the desert of Tucson desert, Yuki Saito, Dave Wiens, Jeff Kerkove, and Sonya Looney entered the 5 person co-ed category at the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo.

24 OP

The team.

24 OP
The bikes

24 hour racing format is different from any other in that people can ride on a team where the team members alternate over the course of 24 hours. Whichever team rides the most laps wins the race.

Ergon also set up the 10 x 10 tent, selling product to a large number of very enthusiastic Ergon consumers. We had so many people giving us positive feedback on the grips, or people walking by giving thumbs up. Even on the race course, other racers would yell, “I LOVE THE GRIPS!” as we crossed paths. That put a smile to our face and gave a little extra umph to our pedal strokes.

Sonya and Yuki were talking to customers and selling product while Jeff was feverishly installing grips on many a happy handlebar.

24 OP

The race only has one coed category, and it’s a 5 person category so the team was already down one person. Yuki Saito rode the first lap for the team which involved a mass start with a run.

He rode the fourth fastest lap of the race – 17 miles in 59 minutes. Just 4 minutes behind the fastest guy. Next, Sonya Looney was up. Yuki gave her a great spot to start in with little course traffic. She rode the 3rd fastest woman’s lap of the race – 17 miles in 1 hour 9 minutes. Just 3 minutes behind the fastest woman. Dave Wiens was up next in the rotation followed by Jeff Kerkove.

Dave Wiens heading out on a lap

Here is a video Jeff Kerkove made of his first lap on course.

They both turned over blazing fast laps, which were held consistently throughout the 24 hour race.

The team had a great vibe, people were cheering, and morale was high. They took the lead from the start. Sonya was sick before the race even started, and lasted through three rotations before she became too weak and had to stop. This was around midnight. For the next half of the race, the team was down to three. Yuki, Jeff, and Dave all worked together in a determined fashion, holding the lead and actually building time on second place through the night.

Jeff going out on his last lap

By the time the clock struck 12 PM the next day, the race was over and Topeak Ergon had won the 5 person category overall, and finished 4th out of all categories with 21 laps.

Not only did Topeak Ergon have a strong finish, but a LARGE number of Ergon sponsored riders took strong finishes. Great job to everyone.

Evan Plews: Solo Men winner

Sarah Kaufmann: Solo Women winner

DeJay Birtch: Solo men SS winner
24 OP
Dejay in orange on the podium

Lynda Wallensfels: Solo women SS winner
24 OP

Rebecca Tomaszewski: Solo women SS 2nd place

Sean Sullivan: 2nd place SS men

Todd Carpenter: 5th place Solo men

The last thing leaving a final perfect moment was that the majority of the cars leaving the venue had Ergon grips on the bikes.

Stay tuned for the next post on the Dave Wiens dedication dinner at the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo. See you on the trail!



  1. Congrats to the team for big win!!

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