The Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance is a very involved cycling entity in Colorado. Ergon is becoming more and more involved with events and donations. What is going on with Ergon and the BMA?

Well, on Friday, Feb 6, the BMA is having its Fourth Annual Gala Banquet in order to raise funds for trailbuilding and group mountain bike events.

Last week, Ergon’s Sonya Looney went to a fundraising event for the Valmont Bike Park, which will be one of the coolest bike parks in the world.


BMA Board Member, Mike Barrow, receives 2 pairs of grips for the BMA Banquet Silent Auction.

Ergon donated 2 pairs of GX2 Carbon grips, 1 BD2 Backpack, and 1 autographed Topeak Ergon jersey by Dave Wiens’ the banquet’s silent auction.

The Valmont Bike Park Fundraiser was a great place to mingle with other people involved with the cycling industry. We were happy to hear numerous people praise the grips!


Pete Weber from IMBA gave us the lowdown on the new bike park. Ergon is also very involved with IMBA. We love trail and bike advocacy here!

Bobby Noyes’ enthusiasm is contagious.

Another point of view on the Valmont Bike Park.

We are all very excited about the Valmont Bike Park and to be a business partner of the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance.


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