Sorry for the lack of updates over the past 4 days or so, but our 2009 road trip season has begun. This past weekend, some of the Ergon USA crew spent 3 days riding in the desert of SW Utah with a bunch of folks that just plain like to ride their bikes.  No racing….no attitudes…..just good people spending time doing what they like to do.   The weather was anything but true desert, as we were hit with showers just about every single day we saddled up.

Ergon product was a plenty.  Many folks were already rocking the grips.  We arrived on site with product to demo, so some folks took advantage and spent the days riding the grips and packs.  Too bad the Ergon products don’t keep wet clay off your bike.  The wet weather made for some interesting mud removal sessions during the days.

Overall, it was 3 days of long rides.  Day 1 was 30 miles….Day 2 was 40 miles….and Day 3 was 104 miles.  Yes, I said 104 miles.  You can bet folks were thankful for the Ergon products they had.  Now it is time to reflect and clean up before the trip to Tucson, AZ in a few weeks time.


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