Cape Epic

Without a doubt, mountain bike stage racing is hottest and fastest growing competitive side of this sport we love and enjoy. There is a lot of interest on Ergon’s part as well, as our products are a favorite to those suffering day after day….after day.

So here is our question to you: If cost was no factor, which mountain bike stage race would you like to compete in?  Trans-Alps?  Breck-Epic?  Iron Bike?  Cape-Epic?  Or, is there another race out there?

Let the debate begin!


  1. #1 choice: transrockies. i was living in calgary when that race began it has always been on my to do list. back then i knew many of the regions and trails of the course and it seemed beyond epic. breck epic and the american mnt classic are a tie for 2nd, but the transrockies is for sure 1st choice.

    seems that longer, endurance racing is really picking up. i think racers are getting bored with 1.5 hours of pure all out red-lining and are looking for more of a racing experience. stage races, 100 mile ultra, and 24 hr events seem to be getting more popular. the 12 hour series in socal is one of the biggest events around. they bring in more solo riders then other races have for the whole event!

  2. #1 Transrockies
    #2 BC Bike Race
    #3 Temple to Temple (Belize)

    Dont know if they still do the Temple to Temple, but man would that be an experience!

  3. #1 BC- Bike Race
    #2 Trans-Alps
    #3 TransRockies

    Though since the Breck Epic hasn’t officially occured yet, I have not counted it. Poor bike racer or paid pro, this race looks like it has some awesome potential, just wish I could race it this year (dumb people and summer weddings!)

  4. Give me an event that is out of my element….new surroundings…..different country. This looks like a good one!


  5. The Crocodile Trophy in Australia http://www.crocodile-trophy.com/

  6. Planning to do the Naturaid (http://www.naturaid.com/home_eng.htm) in Morroco next year if possible. Would also like to do the Trans Schwarzwald if I can as well. It’d be cool to do it on a singlespeed as well.

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