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2009 NUE Series

For 2009 Ergon is stepping up its involvement in the fastest growing competitive mountain bike series in the USA.  In its third year, the NUE MTB Series, brings organization and a points structure to the 8 races which are held all across the USA.

“The NUE Series is a great series which goes back to the roots of mountain biking.  People are out there all day on an epic ride to test themselves and their equipment…and we feel this is part of our core market.  We also have good results from our sponsored riders….so the fit with the Series is a perfect!” stated Jeff Kerkove of Ergon USA.

The NUE Series kicks off in late April down in Tennesee with the Cohutta 100.

2009 NUE MTB Schedule

Cohutta 100, Saturday, April 25
Mohican 100, Saturday, May 30
Lumberjack 100, Saturday, June 20
Breckenridge 100, Saturday, July 18
Wilderness 101, Saturday, August 1
Fool’s Gold 100, Saturday, August 15
(Fool’s Gold hosted by Topeak-Ergon riders Eddie & Namrita O’Dea)
Shenandoah 100, Sunday, September 6
Tahoe-Sierra 100, Saturday, September 12



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The highly anticipated, Ergon BC3 backpack, has just landed in North America and is now being shipped to retailers.  All together now….”YIPEEEEEE!”  It’s like a Christmas miracle!  Comprised of a highly waterproof material, the BC3 is ideal for commuters, those out doing all day epic bike rides, and those adventure seekers where freedom of movement is a must.

As will all the Ergon backpacks, the BC3 features an body forming waist belt and shoulder harness.  This is sure to give every rider/user the perfect fit.  The Ergon pack technology is also guaranteed to give the sense of less weight in the pack.  Are you carrying 20lbs?  Then be prepared to feel like you are only carrying 10lbs.  We are serious!  You have to experience to believe it!

A new feature to the backpack line up, the BC3 features waterproof zippers.  Staying out riding in that down pour doesn’t seem like a bad idea…now does it.

Cargo space.  Did we mention cargo space?  Yep, there is a sleeve for a 100 oz bladder.  Plus, there 25L of cargo carrying space.

Take the laptop?  Yep!

Take a pair of shoes?  Sure!

How about a ultralight tent, cookware, stove, and sleeping bag?  Absolutely!

Finally, as with all our packs, the pack actually sits off your body allowing for great freedom of movement and air flow. MSRP on the BC3 is $199.95.  Keep an eye open now at you favorite bike shop and web retailer!

Ergon now gives you yet another reason to stay out on that 9+ hour bike ride.


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Happy Holidays!

Ergon International wishes you, your family, and your favorite 2 wheeled pedal-powered steed a Happy Holiday season!  Now, where is the egg nog?


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The Ergon sponsored, Team EXPO, had a great 2008 flying the Ergon colors.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the video below.  ‘Pro’…that is all I have to say…..very ‘Pro.’ Ergon looks forward to another successful year in 2009 with Team EXPO.


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We get the requests to make Ergon product for other applications other than the bicycle more often than you think.  Off the top of my head, I can think of the following: motorcycles, quads, snowmobiles, jet skis, medical crutches, and the list goes on….and on….and on.

Well, recently we got an email across the wire containing photos of a customer that manages to get the GP1 Team Issue to work on a quad…and with great success I might add.  Is this a sign of things to come?  Maybe, but not for a long time.

If you have photos of Ergon product installed on anything other than a bike, send it our way via the Contact page and we’ll post it right here for the World to see.

Ergon, GP1, quad

Ergon, GP1, Quad 3

Ergon, GP1, Quad 4


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HURRY! has some sweet deals on Ergon grips!  Click the photo above or simply click here.  Did we mention to hurry?  HURRY! This won’t last long.


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Snow in SoCal

Snow in southern California?  Yep.  A recent cold snap has left some white fluffy stuff on what is normally dry costal hills.  Photo courtesy of Jordan May on the Ergon facebook page.