Here at Ergon Headquarters we get frequent emails and phone calls asking….”Where can I buy Ergon grips and/or packs?” Well, you options are limitless really. On the Ergon site we have a list of some select online retailers that pretty much always have product in-stock. You can also call your local bike shop to inquire, as we deal with all the major distributors, and your local bike shop as the option to stock Ergon product or order it for you.

Ergon Grips at Excel Sports
With the Holiday season happening right now, it is also catalog season. Make sure to check out the latest REI, Performance Bike, or other catalog to see if Ergon is floating around on any pages. For example, the latest Excel Sport Boulder catalog is rocking a fine assortment of Ergon grips. By far one of best assortment of Ergon product out there.

There is also the online bike shops.  Have you seen Competitive Cyclist?  WOW and WOW!

Still have an issue finding a specific Ergon product?  Simply contact us using this form and we’ll help you how we can.

‘Tis the season for shopping….’tis the season for Ergon.


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