Gunnison 1

Gunnison 2

Gunnison, CO November 18, 2008 – This happened last year and I’ll take it anytime: a dry warm fall that ends abruptly Dec. 1st with epic snowfall. Who knows about the snowfall, but for the moment the trails around Gunni are riding great. It can be over so fast at 7700 ft. and the bike gets put away and forgotten ’til spring. We’re on borrowed time, I know.

Training, racing, weighing parts; those are all good and have their time and place, but there’s nothing like getting out on amazing days with those closest to you and just riding mountain bikes….and stopping to take a few pictures. Hopefully, you made it out today, too.

Now I can at least say I blogged.

Dave Wiens (and in the photo, my lovely wife Susan DeMattei)


2 Responses to “SHOULDN’T WE BE SKIING BY NOW!?”

  1. Great to see Susan on the bike! Snow?? We have 92 degree weather and a firestorm.

  2. Awesome! I haven’t seen Susan on a bike in well over a decade. She looks great. (As always) I still have my ’96 Olympic poster with Susan on it. I’ve always been a fan.

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